Eight people arrested for drugs offences at Brighton music festival

Posted On 02 Oct 2017 at 5:42 pm

Eight people were arrested for drug-related offences at the Boundary Festival which took place in Stanmer Park, Brighton, police said today (Monday 2 October).

And a number of others were unable to get a taxi after the festival ended, Sussex Police added.

The force said: “The Boundary Festival in Brighton was a safe event for all those who attended.

“Approximately 10,000 people attended the music event at Stanmer Park on Saturday (30 September).

“Sussex Police worked closely with organisers, local authorities and other agencies in advance of the festival to keep people safe on the day.

“A total of eight individuals were arrested, all on suspicion of drug-related offences.”

Superintendent Paul Betts said: “We worked with the organisers and partner agencies to plan for this music festival.

“There were a few issues at the end of the evening with people not being able to get taxis and we are feeding this back to the organisers for consideration next year.

“Other than a small number of people who were arrested, most people had a fun and safe day.”

Last year 14 people were arrested at the event, the successor to the Shakedown festival, also all on suspicion of drug-related offences.

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