Plan to add extra floor to Hove block of flats cut down to size

Plans to add an extra floor to a block of flats in Hove have been cut down to size.

9 The Upper Drive in Hove

The proposals went against the spirit of the original scheme, according to a veteran councillor.

Carol Theobald criticised the proposal to add a fourth storey to the block at 9 The Upper Drive, Hove.

The Conservative councillor said that she recalled the original planning application which set the building a floor lower than neighbouring blocks in the scheme.

It is at the end of a row of similar blocks. She said: “I am sure I was around when this was built. There is a reason this building was made smaller and this was to protect the house next door, which is an established house.”

Neighbours sent 16 letters opposing the proposals, highlighting the original planning permission, loss of light and the impact on a disabled person whose therapy room would be overshadowed.

Councillor Joe Miller pursued concerns about the impact on the disabled son of a neighbouring family.

The Conservative councillor said: “This person has autism and has serious issues being overlooked.

“The property next door was clearly lower for a reason.”

A report to Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee recommended approving the scheme,

But when the committee met at Hove Town Hall yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 9 May), members sided with neighbours.

They voted nine to three to refuse planning permission on the grounds that the plans were out of keeping with the street, overlooked neighbouring homes and were overbearing.

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