Hove beach hut owners to hold public meeting tonight

Posted On 06 Nov 2018 at 3:21 pm

Hove beach hut owners are to hold the first open meeting of their new association this evening (Tuesday 6 November).

The group was formed after Brighton and Hove City Council tried to impose new contracts on owners in a way that was criticised as heavy-handed.

Members also have concerns about crime and vandalism.

They were given a promise by the council that they would be consulted about future changes to their licence conditions.

The group hopes to hear from the council’s head of sport and leisure Ian Shurrock at the Gather Inn – once the Adur pub – in Kingsway, Hove.

Councillor Robert Nemeth, who represents Wish ward, will chair the non-party political association’s meeting.

He said: “Tonight is the first large meeting of the newly formed Hove Beach Hut Association.

“The proposed new contract changes are to be discussed.”

Doors open at 7pm and the meeting starts at 7.30pm.

  1. Margie Reply

    Let’s hope the beach hut owners group puts pressure on the council to enforce lease requirement that mandate beach huts are kept in good condition. The council has taken its eye off the ball and there are many neglected beach huts in need of attention or replacement/.#183 is almost falling down and is being held together with a few bits of nailed in wooden planks that were affixed after the vandalism earlier in the year. It blights the seafront and shows lack of respect for neighbouring beach hut owners. Apparently the owner does not even live in the country any longer. Many others also need attention but 183 is the worst in that stretch.

  2. SamC Reply

    Terms and conditions – many owners ignore these and the Council seafront office does not enforce them. Makes the place look run down and unattractive ,much to annoyance of responsible beach hut owners. Let’s hope it is addressed at the meeting.
    (d) Carry out any necessary repairs to the hut including the doors, door frames, any windows and window frames, together with hinges, locks, bolts and other fastenings of the hut.
    (e) Keep the exterior of the hut in a good state of decorative repair, redecorating the exterior at least once every year.
    (f) Take reasonable and proper precautions to preserve the security of the hut including the prevention of unauthorised persons from obtaining access to the interior of the hut.
    (g) If the hut is damaged beyond repair either by the elements or by vandalism the owner must ensure the removal of the debris with immediate effect at his or her expense.

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