Brighton Green MP backs Corbyn-led caretaker government to stop ‘no deal’ Brexit

Posted On 23 Aug 2019 at 4:32 pm

The Green MP for Brighton Pavilion said that she would back a caretaker government led by Jeremy Corbyn to prevent Britain leaving the European Union (EU) without a deal.

Caroline Lucas also urged other MPs to join her in trying to stop Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative government from pursuing a “no deal” Brexit.

She has accepted an invitation from Mr Corbyn, the Labour leader, to meet next week to “discuss all tactics for avoiding a ‘no deal’”.

She said: “A ‘no deal’ Brexit would be a disaster for this country – and Parliament must prevent it in any way possible.

“Jeremy Corbyn has done the right thing by reaching out to colleagues and I welcome the fact that all the opposition parties in the House of Commons have accepted his invitation for discussions.

“I would urge all MPs who have been approached and who recognise the danger this country faces to join these talks with an open mind.

“We all need to put our country’s future first.

“That means either pursuing legislative measures or a vote of no confidence in a Boris Johnson government, which is showing every intention of driving this country off the edge of a cliff, and replacing it with a caretaker government which is committed to giving the people the right to decide on the Brexit deal.

“I am prepared to support Jeremy Corbyn as leader of this caretaker government, as should any MP who wants to stop a ‘no deal’ Brexit.

“But if he cannot gain the support of a sufficient number of colleagues across Parliament, I hope he will be prepared to back another MP from his party, or another, who can.

“I will ask him again to make his position clear in our discussions next week.

“I will also continue to make the case that we need a ‘people’s vote’ before a general election as the only certain way of ensuring that the British people have the final say on Brexit.”

The Labour MP for Hove, Peter Kyle, who opposes Brexit – Britain’s exit from the European Union – said: “At this eleventh hour MPs must come together to fight the disaster of a ‘no deal’ Brexit which we all know would have unimaginable consequences for our communities and for the country.

“Boris Johnson’s extreme Brexit will damage local jobs, local tourism and opportunities for our young people so every option must now be on the table.

“I’m completely confident that if we work together, Parliament can and will block this impending catastrophe.”

  1. Teejay Reply

    Let us remind ourselves what the Green Party Manifesto stated in 2015.

    “We support the proposal to have an in–out referendum so that the British people can have their say. This is because much has changed since the UK joined the Common Market in 1974.”

    • Ben Stokes Reply

      And the Conservatives or Vote Leave NEVER campaigned for a NO DEAL BREXIT!

      Democracy is not a winner takes all proposition, but actually taking everyone’s views into consideration, not excluding over 48% of the population and calling them traitors like Brexiteers hav done.

      The true ‘patriots’ are those who have the best interests of the country at heart and don’t support destroying our economy, our children’s futures, or making everyone poorer for a 40 year ongoing fight inside the Tory Party.

      Stop Brexit now, its ridiculous.

  2. Gilbert Bligh Reply

    The lunatic lucas voted by students into the commons
    The attempted anti-brexit failed women cabinet follows
    Now the lunatic lucas joins the lunatic Corbyn cock
    After lengthy discussion that she is not Mr Spock

  3. John Wilson Reply

    How many Green MPs in parliament?.Let me hear that again.ONE, voted in by naive, just left home ,so we are now grown up students, who are more wordly wise than the rest of the population.?.The greens have very little influence apart from influency undergrads cos post grads grow up.

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      Are you privy to every ballot paper? No, of course not, you are simply a ranter in your ignorant assertion about voters. If you took the trouble to go from door to door and speak with people, you would realise that Caroline Lucas is elected by all manner of people. And indeed your comment is deeply disturbing in its bunching of people into groups (“students”): one does not have to look very far in twentieth-century history to see where that attitude led. You need to learn before the earth covers over you that people are individuals: you would have a more enjoyable time during the rest of this brief life.

      • Fishwife, 49 Reply
        • Christopher Hawtree Reply

          Flattered that my off-the-cuff comment last year resonates with you as much as one by Lincoln or Cicero!Perhaps you chant it in a bid to ward off insomnia.

          • Fishwife, 49

            Sweetie, on the rare occasion when I can’t sleep, I simply imagine a middle-aged man droning on and on and on about the “Carnegie Library”. Works a treat.

  4. Sally Smith Reply

    I voted remain, but remain lost. On balance, I suspect we would be better off in the EU, and I’m not entirely comfortable about the insular message we are sending to the world by leaving. There isn’t going to be another referendum before the end of October though, and the EU has shown little willingness to compromise, whether the supplicant was Cameron, May or Johnson. But almost bizarrely, only Boris Johnson seems to get it, going into meetings prepared to walk away. Caroline Lucas is coming across as increasingly anti-democratic and fanaticist. I had previously admired her, and her calls for the referendum before it was held to settle this issue once and for all. It seems it’s only settled if her side wins. We should leave this autumn. Well over a million more voters backed leave, and they weren’t all fooled by tricks and lies! Many have long wanted out. My side lost the vote, but if there’s a second vote, I’ll support leave – and the undemocratic approach of the likes of Caroline Lucas are part of the reason why.

  5. Joe Stains Reply

    The foolish ‘5 Homes’ Lucas and her bunch of extreme hard-Left, swivel-eyed Marxist loons are an embarrassment.

    Worth watching their anti-Semitic Deputy Leader Amelia Womack on YouTube, where in an Andrew Neil interview she states that the goal of the Green Party is to have open borders, and unlimited immigration to the UK

    • Fishwife, 49 Reply

      It’s odd that there’s absolutely no evidence that Lucas owns multiple properties, and that the idiot Kipper who initially made the claim (and falsely stated that Jason Kitcat had said so in a non-existent Argus interview) has had his Twitter account banned.

  6. Rostrum Reply

    Well she would say that wouldn’t she……

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