Gin bar could lose licence over cocaine, heroin and meth

A popular bar faces losing its alcohol licence after police repeatedly found traces of cocaine and heroin there.

Routine swab tests at The Gin Tub in Church Road, Hove, found traces of cocaine, heroin and methylamphetamine in toilets and even on the bars.

Police have requested a review of its licence, which will be heard on Monday by Brighton and Hove City Councillors Jackie O’Quinn, Clare Rainey and Dee Simson.

A report going before the panel says in February, swab tests found cocaine in ground floor and basement men and women’s toilets and in the basement bar.

In April, cocaine was found in the main bar, the downstairs bar in the men and women’s toilets on the ground and downstairs. Heroin was found on the sink and hand dryer of the downstairs men’s toilet.

At this stage the traces were higher than the February tests.

Following this test Sussex Police licensing officers PC Andre Bernascone and Hannah Staplehurst met with the management team at The Gin Tub to discuss refurbishing the toilets to prevent drug use.

They were also asked to address the issue with their security team.

However, during another visit in September, cocaine was found on both the upstairs and downstairs men and women’s toilets and on the downstairs bar.

Traces of Methylamphetamine was found in the ground floor bar.

During this inspection, PC Bernascone also found the bar’s licence was not on display, there was no refusal log and staff did not know how to access the CCTV.

The report from Sussex Police said: “Sussex Police have no confidence in the management of the premises, having seen no improvements in reducing the levels of drug misuse within the premises despite repeated management contact.

“Alongside these high levels of drug use when taken together with the other licence breaches Sussex Police contend that the licensing objectives of the prevention of crime and disorder and public safety have been significantly undermined.”

Brunswick and Adelaide ward councillors Phélim Mac Cafferty and Hannah Clare have also raised their concerns.

In a joint letter to the panel they said: “This premises is within the Special Stress Area, recognising the impact that the number of licensed premises has on the immediate area.

“The immediate area which this premises is within is close to a large residential population.

“Residents regularly report to us as councillors that they have been kept up at night or woken up at night by drunk and disorderly behaviour taking place in this area.”

The panel is due to meet at Hove Town Hall from 10am on Monday, 9 December.

  1. Max Reply

    Could describe literally any bar in Brighton. Try swabbing toilets in Molly Malone’s, Walkabout or Popworld. Plus, if you live right next to a bar, you’ve already cheaped out on the rent so what do you expect? Don’t blame the place, blame Brighton’s scummy, classless population.

    • cc Reply

      Leave Popworld alone!

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