3,700 sign petition urging council to ditch Sussex title for Harry and Meghan

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visiting Brighton last October.
Royal rota: Picture: Allan Hutchings

Thousands of people have signed a petition demanding that Brighton and Hove City Council doesn’t use the term Duke and Duchess of Sussex or invite them to the city.

Since being launched in July, 3,696 people have signed the petition, which means it now goes before the full council for debate on Thursday, 19 December.

Its creator Charles Ross will put his case before councillors who then have the opportunity to discuss the proposals.

The petition states: “We the undersigned petition Brighton and Hove Council to reject the usage of the titles ‘Duke of Sussex’ and ‘Duchess of Sussex’ by the individuals Henry (‘Harry’) Windsor and Rachel Meghan Markle as morally wrong and disrespectful to the county of East Sussex.

“As residents of Brighton and Hove we call on Brighton and Hove Council to not refer to these individuals by such titles which we believe to be entirely non-democratic and symbolic of the oppression of the general public by the wealthy elite.

“Neither will Brighton Council (sic) invite or entertain these individuals nor afford them any hospitality or courtesies above and beyond that of an ordinary member of the public.”

The petition is the fifth item on the agenda after public questions and deputations.

The full council is due to meet in public at Hove Town Hall from 4.30pm on Thursday 19 December.

The deadline for submitting public questions and deputations is noon on Friday, 13 December.

  1. Anne Worlledge Reply

    That is a disgusting thing to do. Harry and Meghan do far more good than these people give them credit for. What kind of people live in Sussex that would sign such an awful petition, shame on you.

    • Bill Reply

      Agree – the guy Charles Ross is not from Brighton!! He was born in London and only moved there due to studying! Brighton and Hove is constantly hijacked by students as the percentage vote is so high. Caroline Lucas only hold her seat because Brighton Pavillion is 32% students. Guess what 95% of them go ‘home’ afterwards’ – Brightoon and Hove is a laughing stock of democracy – Charles Ross is NOT a local he just ended up there on deluisons of Quodraphenia movies!

      • Roz Reply

        Bill thank you for highlighting Ross’s back ground. International students from non white background should be warned to stay away from Briton as they may become victims of racist stack from the likes of Ross and the 3000 petitioner s.

    • Amanda Hyde Reply

      I second that & couldn’t have put it better.their a lovely young family & don’t deserve to be discredited for being in the status they were born.

    • anon Reply


    • anon Reply

      get rid of the titles! They dont deserve to have them! They want to be ¨normal¨. Normal people DONT HAVE TITLES!

    • Manjit Reply

      Now you realise what they are doing to Her Majesty The Queen.😑

  2. Dorothy McGuire Reply

    Bit pompous. I thought the Queen conferred titles and, as such, only the Queen can remove them. Hope they’ve got good 100% reasons for this, apart from what they read in the media.

    • Sha Frank Reply

      I agree this is dreadful. Everybody is so judgemental and self righteous. Petitioners should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Polly Newbold Reply

    This petition has been fraudulently hijacked by people using various aliases. SAMANTHA MARKLE has OVER 200+aliases ON gutter websites such as DANJAZONE, MURKY Meg, Pauline just living, Celtic news,Yankee Wally and many others. She has spread such malicious lies through her jealousy,racism,and hatred .

    • Sherry Reply

      Well said Polly ! These bitter mainly women are behind all the lies being spread ! The followers are the same people ( again 95 percent women ) on every hate site ! Then they spread out in gangs spreading their hate to every site that mentions Meghan ! This petition is pathetic and all it is doing is making the Brits look nasty and backwards to the rest of the world ! Since Harry married Meghan and I have watched the vindictive behaviour of people I would never spend my travel money there ! Many others are saying the same !

  4. Debra Bull Reply

    I applaud the bravery and discernment the people of Brighton and Hove have in bringing forth this petition concerning Meghan and Harry. They apparently do not represent the monarchy in a strong, true, and favorable light. As a U.S. citizen and onlooker, I commend your demonstration of courageousness in letting all know how you stand firm in this matter.

    • Claudia Trent Reply

      Wait . . . you’re a U.S. citizen? Oh brother.

  5. Maz brown Reply

    Good for them. Why do these people have titles. They are no better than us.

    • Terrie58 Reply

      Really!! They are royal wether you like it or not they never asked for a title they were given it at birth ! I think you 3600 people that signed that awful petition should be ashamed of yourselves jealousy springs to mind get over yourselves you have no say at all regarding their titles!!

      • Valerie Reply

        Markle was NOT guven ANY title at birth. The titles of Duke & Duchess of Sussex were acquired once married and not before.

        Sussex people had no say in whether we wanted them associated with us – however spuriously or remotely as you say.

        They have let the side down ver badly, swanked & spent shamelessly to no benefit for Sussex

        • val cane Reply

          The royals are all irrelevant except as the circuses part of ‘bread and circuses’.Why people are getting so excited, and empathetic with those endowed with huge wealth and privilege by virtue of an accident of birth I can’t imagine. Please save your outrage for children in poverty and people sleeping on the streets,(plenty more of both since the election IMO ) not to mention the outrages happening in Palestine, Myanmar and so many other parts of the world – a world that we are destroying. I would feel shame if I didn’t care about these things, and do something in a small way to remedy them – but I wouldn’t sign the petition, the irrelevant don’t need getting rid of, just a big cut in pay like we’re all going to get now…

          • Janina Dulat

            What a load of virtue signalling, snowflaky billhooks.

        • Dave Reply

          Fine – we would welcome them to another county if you dont want them – You can keep Billy Willy Bragg and Charles Ross Motorhead tosspot! Hopefully Charles Ross can bring your county the same benefits!

    • Bloke Reply

      They aren’t and they dont think they are. But is Charles Ross better than you. He thinks he is!!

  6. Elizabeth Thorp Reply

    Jealous people are the green-eyed monsters and you all are just proving it again. What difference does it make. They are not trying to make anyone feel “less than” what they are. Those feelings come from within you. They are trying to do good not harm. Be ashamed of your jealous and nasty ways. The Queen gave them those titles, so take it up with the Royals. You seem like you have nothing better to do with your lives than to put Harry and Meghan under a microscope.

    • PapaHenzPa Reply

      Whenever the rich or the elite are criticised there is always someone ready to accuse the critics as being envious or ‘green-eyed’. Poppycock! You might be envious of the wealthy but I’m not. I would far rather give from my pension to help the homeless, to be honest. Not everyone is so shallow as to be envious of wealth pr position.

  7. Toni MacSpadden Reply

    I can’t imagine the amount of hate you people carry around with you. It has to be exhausting. With sincerity though I hope you don’t take the hate into other aspects of your life. What a tragedy that would be. May God be with you and lighten your heavy load.

  8. Mary Luna Reply

    At this time of the Season there is Enough “Human Tragedy Against One Another Why Do You Have To Add Petty Hatred Things Like This to the Season?”

  9. Vanessa Ochoco Reply

    Disgusting. I will not go to Brighton or Sussex. 3600 or 3700 horrible people

    • Janina Dulat Reply


    • Roz Prin Reply

      Vanessa pls pls visit Brighton whenever you want to. Don’t allow haters to win.
      There are nice people in Brighton.

  10. ALL UP NORTH Reply

    Good for you down there.!!
    They are hypocrites to the highest order!!should practice what they preach.

    • BeeBee Reply

      How do you all feel about the damage done by Andrew? Now there is a disgrace to the crown.

    • Pink Panther456 Reply

      It has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH RACE. Prince Harry didn’t marry a white woman which is the massive problem here. As someone quite rightly said, what a miserable existence you must have. If she was the cleaner you’d love her to bits ‘in her rightful place’ I guess? Goodness me.

    • Claudia Trent Reply

      Why aren’t you demanding that the Duke of York be stripped of his title?

    • Roz Reply

      All up North. Unfortunately jealousy has no remedy. Harry and Megan are royals πŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄πŸ‘ΈπŸ€΄

  11. Hen - n - Jen Reply

    Sad, bitter people that love to jump on the bandwagon.
    Harry & Megan certainly dont deserve your hate.
    I for one dont applaud the people that have signed this petition. I should imagine the remaining residents of this area that disagree with this action must feel ashamed that they live in an area that has stirred up such a fanatical view.
    Harry & Megan are young people who maybe have made a couple of mistakes along the way, they are human, not just Royal. Allow them time, give them support, as we should any young couple & for goodness sake stop this hatred.

    • Judi Reply

      Not that young surely ….

  12. LaVerne McCoy Reply

    You people, signers of the petition, don’t deserve the goodness of Harry and Meghan! The world is in love with them because of their kindness, warm hearts, ❀️ and the good deeds they preform. They are the brightest 🌟 in the universe!

    • Pink Panther456 Reply

      Well said. Shame on them!!

  13. Elizabeth Reply

    The signers need to get a life

  14. Doug Wilson Reply

    I support stripping Megan and Harry of their titles. Neither of them appreciate their public position or responsibilities. Harry has attacked the media because nobody like his wife and the public has spoken out about the sense of entitlement she exudes rather than service the royals are known for. Remove their titles. Get them off the payroll and let them have their cake as private citizens. That is what they want right? We would all rather see Prince William and Princess Kate!
    But Harry and Megan; please move to Africa. The US and Canada don’t want you either….not even as private citizens.

    • BeeBee Reply

      Sorry. Doug, what you are saying speaks of racism of the lowest order. That’s the main complaint of you all
      You see Meghan below all of you due to her race. Shame on you. No one has made a real effort to welcome her
      BTW as a US citizen, we would make Harry and Meghan welcome.

      • Judi Reply

        BeeBee, You are the one playing the race card. Doug didn’t mention race once!

      • Roz Reply

        Harry and Megan are royals.
        Sorry you are hurt
        There will always be non white people around and I’m just wondering how you will cope with this.
        Look after yourself okay
        More stress
        Enjoy your self Induced race
        Hating stressπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    • Lily Adwoa Harrison Reply

      WHY WHY WHY all this hate, am so sad for them, am a mother I do feel for Harry think back when her beautiful mother died and this 12 year old boy walking at the back of his mother’s coffin. Please get a grip and a heart. Because Megan is not from UK that’s why she is suffering, we should all embrace them they are two most hard working souls I have ever seen, I do hope oneday I will meet them in person and embrace them. God save them and bless them. I love you Henry and Megan. Stay strong you will pull through. Have faith in God.

    • Brand Reply

      Wow so damn RACISTS clearly your got your SWAT stickers in the knot move to Africa really dude i am sure they would like Africa more than the pit in hell you come from

    • Roz Reply

      Doug. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ The amount of hate you carry around with you must be exhausting. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.
      I hope there are more non white people in your community. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  15. Carmen Reply

    I can not believe all the abuse and pettiness that all of those who signed that petition have against this lovely, caring, and passionate couple.
    The hatred, the viciousness, and just the ugly heart that someone like you must have to do something like this is appalling. Shame on all if you. To live every day with hatred in your life has to be sickening.

    • Deb Reply

      Doug Wilson. Responding to you since you are last. But an example of how much people dont know more than they read. Since you admire The Duchess of Cambridge, princess, and future queen, her name is Catherine. That is what her entire family and friends call her. We, as readers are missing so much. Her name is Catherine.

  16. Nihal Stic Reply

    Many people in Sussex and especially in Brighton, have no respect for the lazy Monarchy who do very little other than take and exploit people, there is a huge list from the Queen down. Andrew is at best an exploiter of young women and probably more. They do nothing and have obtained their position and wealth by mendacity and violence. God Save The Queen, She Ain’t No Human…

    • Cheryl Reply

      I cannot express the pain that I experienced while reading the negative comments that people have been making about Megan and Harry. I think of what both of them must be going through for them to have to opted against spending Christmas out of England. Don’t you think that the pressures of what not only is happening to both of them have endured, not to mention what William and Harry went through with the loss of their mother was hard enough? Have none of you haters not realized what that what you are doing could be setting up an even more disastrous outcome than Princess Diana? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP THIS BEFORE HEAVEN FORBID HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF.

    • Claudia Trent Reply

      If you feel that way about Andrew, why not start a petition to get his title stripped from him?

  17. Enjae Ostberg Reply

    Shame on every single person who signed that petition.

  18. Jojo Reply

    Such a fuzz from trivial mind MM and H are lovely and are at least trying to help. Here we have Trump. Enough said.

    • JD Reply

      If you don’t like our president, then move to France.

  19. Joyce Reply

    All I see is someone that is going to cause problems for the monarchy. She is a liberal and thinks she is above following the order of her new life. I would love for Harry and her to have a long and happy life together. Just hope she can change and be a part of the Royal family.

  20. Amazing Grace Reply

    We all are entitled to our own opinions. If you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. Who are we to judge anyone. Ask yourself this? How does their title affect any one of you? There a so much more going on in our world today then worrying or be hateful about Royals and their titles.

    Those of you complaining about it, is like watching Fox News and listening to the Democrats bitch and whine about President Trump.

    Take your energy and make it worthwhile. If you were to die tomorrow, would a Royal title really matter,! No, it would not!

  21. Linda Marie Simcox Reply

    Shame on everyone πŸ˜’ for signing that petition!! It is probably hurting PRINCESS DIANA for the way her son and daughter-in-law is being treated ! And as far as Prince Harry goes as a married man he is entitled to protect his wife!! Something his father never did!

    • Annie Reply

      This is so disrespectful to the Queen ! She granted those titles not the people ! Just because some racist , sexist backwards haters don’t like Meghan they are hurting her Grandson and therefore her as well !

  22. Linah Reply

    Why are people so against this couple l think they are doing extremely well,globally. Whether they are stripped of the title or not,Harry will always have the Royal blood so has his son.Whether Megan is from USthe bottom line is she is married to Harry and they have a lovely boy
    What next regardless of being stripped of the tile,they will still do extremely good as they have done so.People of Briton and Hove leave this couple alone.what is the main reason for being so nassist,they have a son which again wont be long before people start digging thier long noise into him. They are loved globally and this does not appear to be sitting well with people. On,and on and on.
    Just as the same with miserable Piers Morgan,its so sad to even watch him,were by he thinks he is funny, really sad. People need to grow up and face facts Megan is has been loyal to her husband. Beautiful boy and he appears to be a happy guy. Let them sign and if possible the the fathers,mothers, daughters,great grand mothers,son laws, the list can endless. But the bottom line is Harry is a Prince.

  23. Linah Reply

    Well well very sad for this low scums of signing that paper,spend time doing some thing constractive,helping other people who can not help them selves. WELL DONE MEGAN AND HARRY by the way beautiful boy. May he follow his parents good hearts which one can tell its not fake,or pretending
    Unlike others.
    Sad world people like Piers Morgan very sad old chap.

  24. Deb Reply

    An example of how much people dont know more than they read. Since we admire The Duchess of Cambridge, princess, and future queen, as i do; her name is Catherine. That is what her entire family and friends call her. We, as readers are missing so much. Her name is Catherine. And, how can we possibly criticize Megan, Duchess of Sussex, when we don’t know more than we read. And what we read is sensationalization.

  25. Aac9501 Reply

    All of this is an under cover racially motivated tactic. These and other trolls are peeved because Prince Harry married an African American woman. I guarantee if he had married his former English Caucasian girlfriend she would have been welcomed with open arms. If you take their titles then the same should be for all Dukes and Duchess in the UK.

  26. Sha Frank Reply

    It’s ridiculous stuffy prudes who are just so jealous of Meagan and Harry. The petitioners should be ashamed of themselves.

  27. Sha Frank Reply

    I agree ! Excellent observation to Linda.i love Harry and Meagan. They totally deserve Thier title.

    • Roz Reply

      Susan or Samantha Markke? Are you complaining you are not been rewarded accordingly for your charity work like the royals?

  28. Southcoastboi Reply

    Hear hear – I reckon this petition is a racist move in disguise. They are great representatives and should be welcomed by diverse and easy going Brighton. We have no room for racists here

  29. Susan Reply

    The pair have abused their position and titles. They should be free of title, position and tax payer funding and go their own way, on their own money until they are mature enough to stop exploiting their position, titles, funding and Royal status to feather their own nest. When they stop promoting their titles as a brand for earning money for their ultra extravagant and questionable lifestyles and behave with kind respect towards the Queen and her realm then perhaps re-instate their titles etc… on probation.

    • Judi Reply

      Well said Susan πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    • Annie Reply

      Susan you are speaking like one of the haters from the hate you tube sites ! Making comments without back up ! How exactly are they feathering their own nest ? What have they done that the other royals haven’? Facts not gossip ! They have been bullied relentlessly since they got engaged by the same people ! The new excuses keep getting used to cover what the real reason for the vitriol is ! As a white woman I have been horrified by the racism ! Not to mention 18 th century slut shaming based on lies made up by channels that are making a fortune off Meghan !

    • Roz Reply

      Susan Samantha Markle.
      Get a life

  30. Pink Panther456 Reply

    Well said!! Shame on you petitioners……how ABSOLUTELY CRUEL.

    • Annie Reply

      Well said ! I think the decent people of the world should petition against the hateful women that run you tube sites just for the purpose of bullying another woman ! These women are responsible for the lies being spread about the baby ect ! In the scheme of things these pitiful people are a pee in a pond ! It took all those months to get less than 4000 signatures ! That shows these people are a pitiful ugly minority !

  31. Phyllis Brooks Reply

    As I am also an American, I ask how has Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan not represented the Monarchy while doing God’s work by helping those in need just as the bible my country claims to be founded on requires? I know that many in my country have sold their soul, but Harry and Meghan have clearly done more good and touched hearts according to God’s word, in two years than some have in a lifetime…but God will judge the heart as he promised, won’t he? Sometimes it’s actually God who closes doors that evil men build!

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  33. Sarah Reply

    These people have huge wealth and privilege but continue to draw down on tax payers hard earned money both in U.K and US.

    Let’s get to 686 signatures before the end of the day, can you sign now?

    • Roz Reply

      Yes. I’ve just signed the petition that calls for you get a life and stop being

    • Beth Reply

      Sarah, this petition has been running for around 7 months. Fgs give up, you are making fools of yourselves.

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