Brighton Kemptown general election result 2019

Posted On 13 Dec 2019 at 3:40 am

Labour has held Brighton Kemptown at the general election but with a slightly reduced majority.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle won the seat with 25,033 votes – a majority of 8,061 over Conservative candidate Joe Miller who came second with 16,972 votes.

At the previous election 28,703 people voted for Mr Russell-Moyle, giving him a majority of 9,868.

The Spearhead

After the result was declared he said: “The people of Brighton Kemptown have seen sense tonight when it seems like the people of the country haven’t.

“It’s a dark day for our country.”

He thanked those Greens and Liberal Democrats who voted tactically to keep the Tories out and pledged to fight for electoral reform.

Here are the number of votes for each of the five candidates.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle – Labour – 25,033

Joe Miller – Conservative – 16,972

Ben Thomas – Liberal Democrat – 2,964

Alexandra Phillips – Green – 2,237

Graham Cushway – Brexit Party –  1,327

The turnout was 69.7 per cent.

  1. gilbert bligh Reply

    Disgraceful speech from LRM. He plagiarised the great Winston Churchill speech ironically about fighting the nazi’s, delivering it in the manner of a hissy-fitting nazi, claiming there were ‘dark forces’ now going to be at work destroying this country.
    The man is an egocentric fool who’s behaviour brings disgrace to himself and the labour party. I think the voters in kemp town extremely naive in voting for him.

  2. Steven Reply

    Utterly disgraceful speech by this Corbynista. He should be referring to Corbyn’s Marxist anti-Semitic traits and congratulate the UK on barring the hard-Left from ever inflicting their disgraceful policies upon us. We do not want to be a Venezuela Mark 2 and we do not want to see Palestinian flags waving in the UK. Wake up people of Brighton.

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