What’s happening at the count in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 13 Dec 2019 at 12:54 am

Counting is under way at the Brighton Centre for the three parliamentary seats in Brighton and Hove.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle at the count at the Brighton Centre

The first news of the evening is that the turnout in the Brighton Kemptown constituency is 69.7 per cent.

Out of an electorate of 69,833 voters, 48,676 ballot papers have been verified.

The number of ballot papers from polling stations totalled 38,400 while there were 10,276 postal votes.

In Brighton Pavilion the turnout was 73.56 per cent, with 58,157 ballot papers verified in a constituency of 79,057 voters.

Of those, 48,441 were ballot papers from polling stations and 9,716 were postal votes.

In Hove the turnout was 76.09 per cent, with 56,548 ballot papers verified in a constituency of 74,313 voters.

Of those, 44,142 were ballot papers from polling stations and 12,356 were postal votes.

In the first of the local results, Labour has held Brighton Kemptown with a slightly reduced majority.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle won the seat with 25,033 votes – a majority of 8,061 over Conservative candidate Joe Miller who came second with 16,972 votes.

In Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas retained the seat for the Greens, increasing her majority to almost 20,000.

And in Hove, Peter Kyle held on with a majority of 17,044, even as Labour performed disastrously elsewhere.

A former member of Brighton and Hove City Council, Maria Caulfield, held Lewes for the Conservatives, with a majority of 2,457. She won the seat from the Liberal Democrats in 2015 and held it in 2017.

In Dagenham and Rainham, another former Brighton and Hove councillor, Tom Bewick, came third for the Brexit Party with 2,887 votes. Jon Cruddas held the seat for Labour with a majority of just 293, down from 4,652 in 2017.

In Luton North, Sarah Owen, a former political assistant for the Labour group on Brighton and Hove City Council, held the seat for Labour, with a majority of 9,247.

Sussex University graduate Kemi Badenoch has held on to her Saffron Walden seat for the Conservatives with an increased majority. She is currently the Minister for Children and Families. At Sussex she studied computer systems engineering.

Amy Dalla Mura, 56, of Eaton Villas, Hove, attracted just 432 votes in Broxtowe, in Nottinghamshire. She stood for the English Democrats in the seat held by former Conservative MP Anna Soubry who defected to the Independent Group for Change.

The Tory candidate Darren Henry won the seat with 26,602 votes while Ms Soubry came third with 4,668. Dalla Mura is awaiting sentence for harassing Ms Soubry.

  1. Mary-Ann White Reply

    I am so glad that Lloyd Russell Moyle got back in and Caroline Lucas and Peter Kyle ,at least we are keeping the Tories out down here, even if, as expected, they got back in, and Scotland gave them a roasting, disappointing about Labour, but all the while you have people voting them back in time and aain, well what can you say? They are gluttons for punishment I don’t think Labour did too badly, they held a lot of seats, yet the media were having a go at them ,even before the results started to come in.So we can look forward to more of austerity as I don’t see any change ,since different Tory leaders took power, same old, same old….But! At least we have our MP’s back!!

  2. Denis Lucey Reply

    Typical bubble headed rubbish. What does it take to admit that the Britts do not want a Marxist bunch of lunatics.

  3. Christopher Wright Reply

    Excellent news that the tories are back in, I believe the voters don’t trust Labour with a leader like Corbin and his bunch of cronies. The Tories had to make sacrifices when they took over from the last Labour government who just borrowed borrowed borrowed and at some point the debt needed to be paid off which fell to at that time a coalition government

  4. Chris Todd Reply

    Well the national debt has risen under recent Governments and people like Savid Javid were bankers at the time of the crash. Labour didn’t do themselves any favours but let’s not try and rewrite history

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