Rail smartcards available within minutes at new Brighton Station kiosk

Posted On 11 Mar 2020 at 10:02 am

A new self-service kiosk for key smartcards has been installed at Brighton Station, slashing the time it takes to get one from five days to two minutes.

As soon as they have a card, passengers can buy and load tickets onto it from a nearby ticket machine, then tap in and go.

Southern says Key smartcards save passengers time and are more secure and robust than paper tickets. They can also automatically identify and generate compensation claims for delays.

Angie Doll, Managing Director for Southern and Gatwick Express, said: “With these new kiosks, we are making it easier for customers to make the switch to the Key Smartcard. Passengers no longer have to wait to have a smartcard delivered to them in the post.

“I am delighted that more of our customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of travelling smart. The Key Smartcard lasts longer than paper tickets, and if lost, can be easily cancelled and replaced with all tickets intact.”

  1. Terry Reply

    Unfortunately, their KEY doesn’t recognise and accept railcard discounts so any fare is more expensive than a ticket fare.

    I have mentioned this and emailed them about this fault but they either don’t understand or they don’t care.

  2. Matt Reply

    Whats brilliant about the KEY is that whilst Southern and South Western both use the KEY they don’t work together.

  3. Richard Reply

    just more plastic…….no real advantage I can see

  4. Clare Reply

    Never really understood the “smart” card option. I applied and never heard anything. I thought it was something which could be loaded to your mobile (Which it isn’t). That would be much easier and better for the Environment.

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