Brighton woman jailed for burglary and fraud

Posted On 14 Aug 2020 at 12:56 pm

A Brighton woman has been jailed after a spate of burglaries across Brighton and Hove and fraudulently using bank cards stolen during break ins.

Toni Deerans

Toni Deerans, 37, of Preston Road, Brighton, was jailed for 18 months by Judge Shani Barnes at Hove Crown Court last Friday (7 August).

Sussex Police said: “A woman has been jailed after being convicted of multiple burglaries in the Brighton area.

“Toni Deerans, 37, of Preston Road, in Brighton, was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment for eight counts of burglary and four counts of fraud.

“Deerans was wanted by police in connection with several burglaries in Brighton and Hove and for failing to appear in court, charged with burglary, on (Friday) 20 March.

“She was arrested in the Brighton area on (Thursday) 7 May.

“Items such as electronic devices and credit cards were stolen during the string of burglaries occurring since August 2019.”

Detective Inspector Glenn Taylor said: “Deerans is a prolific burglar and who avoided facing up to what she had done by failing to appear in court.

“We are pleased that she is off the streets and has the chance to consider how her unacceptable actions have affected her victims.

“This sort of behaviour won’t be tolerated and we will work tirelessly to catch criminals and bring them to justice.”

  1. Andrew Lainton Reply

    As someone who was burgled by this creature, it is to be hoped that she experiences a small piece of Hell whilst she is in prison.

    Who knows what nightmares await her there?

    • No❤️ Reply

      I know her “Andrew” so calm your self she’s not a creature she’s v nice and from the sounds of your attitude you got what u asked for have fun :))) 😉

  2. No❤️ Reply

    Actually “Andrew” she’s not a creature from the sounds of your attitude you got what you asked for ❤️ Have fun 😌:)🤠

  3. E Fenn Reply

    If someone is committing this kind of crime then there is a reason behind it. Knowing Toni I know and understand why people stoop to doing this kind of thing to raise cash. We need to look at the problems at the root of this and then deal with that first. I can assure you that a stay in Bronzfield is def not in any way a deterrent or a fear in this case. It will be a bit of down time and routine

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