New opposition leaders spell out their aims

We are privileged to be leading the official opposition on Brighton and Hove City Council – and we are looking forward to working with the Labour team to promote our values.

Our priority is providing constructive and effective opposition. In this “no overall control” council, it’s crucial we hold the minority Green administration to account and work constructively with all parties where possible to advance the best interests of the city.

We want to express our gratitude to Councillor Nancy Platts who is stepping down from leading the Labour group due to the growing demands of her successful business.

While leading the council, and the opposition, Nancy steered the city through the initial stages of the covid-19 pandemic, oversaw the building of more council homes and affordable homes and set up the city’s first ever climate assembly.

While she has stepped down to focus on working with residents in her ward of East Brighton, her community and voluntary work, she will remain active in the Labour group and a great source of support to us both.

As we look towards an economic recovery for the city, we want to see local businesses at the heart of a local economy that builds community wealth.

We want to see the money that’s spent in the city stay in the city to benefit our local businesses and residents.

We want to foster a sustainable recovery that recognises the need to combat the climate crisis and creates a fairer city with more affordable homes.

We also want to see our city cleaned up to ensure we can reap the benefits of lockdown restrictions easing and encourage visitors back.

We hear constantly from residents about overflowing bins, missed recycling collections and overgrown weeds.

We need the council to step up and address these problems and promote the importance of taking pride in our communities.

We want to change the culture of the council so that residents can play a more active role in local decision-making and have their voices heard.

We want to empower residents so that as a city we can come together to tackle the big issues of the day and no one feels excluded.

We are taking on this role together at a critical juncture for our city and we will work hard for all residents.

Councillor John Allcock and Councillor Carmen Appich are the joint leaders of the Labour opposition on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Nathan Adler Reply

    Sounds good but very, very little detail? Is the agreement/ coalition with the Greens now finished, (because as we saw with the by elections it really is working for you). What is your stance on the OSR cycle lane and proposed extension? How will you clean up the city? What will you do to encourage visitors? How will you make local residents feel included in decision making, (a really important one because we all feel consultations are a sham). I wish you both luck but we need to see change from the local Labour Party and soon.

  2. Patricia Reply

    All very well & good but vague.
    Not one person is addressing the OSR situation which is swaying my vote & many others away from the Greens & Labour.
    It’s a huge disaster for our city that not one person can be held accountable for the destruction of the green wall in Madeira Drive & the public consultation about the atrocious school taxi service for the SEN children was held in private.
    Get rid of proxy voting for students, get rid of the “temporary” cycle lanes & get rid of these fools who will render this tourist city a ghost town.

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