Car flips in Brighton street

Posted On 14 Jul 2022 at 3:21 pm

A driver walked away with little more than grazes after their car crashed with another and flipped in a Brighton street today.

The crash happened on Islingword Road at the junction of Islingword Street at about 12.45pm.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “A two-vehicle collision was reported at 12.47pm. No injuries were reported. Recovery was on scene as of 1.24pm.”

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A spokesman for South East Coast Ambulance Service said there were no reports of major injuries and nobody was taken to hospital.

Islingword Road is part of an area selected to trial Brighton’s first low traffic neighbourhood.

Under the current plans, which are being consulted on, motorised vehicles would not be able to use the road to cut through from Queens Park Road to Elm Grove.

  1. AO Reply

    Try telling the truth. We are NOT being consulted about the low traffic neighbourhood. We have been told that no matter our feelings, this scheme is being foisted upon us. Why not come and speak to some of the residents and find out their feelings and how our rights to choose have been totally eliminated.

    • Flying Squirrel Reply

      Precisely. They are throwing the kitchen sink at this total waste of money. The abundant propaganda makes out it it’s a community led initiative. Hanover Action? Who exactly are they? Their website is nameless and faceless. How many of them have links to the council? At the last excruciating ETS council meeting, do-as-I say Chair, driving instructor Steve Davis earnestly says ‘we must engage with people’. Utter crap. If he and the rest of the cheerleaders actually believed that he’d have asked the questions BEFORE forcing this on people. And by questions I of course mean the obvious straightforward questions any honest person would ask. How about: ‘Do you want this scheme?’ Or, ‘Do you support this scheme knowing it will make conditions worse for others in your community?’. Councillor Elaine Hills seems to think that’s fine. She lives on one of the ‘good’ streets. Presumably hoping to enjoy the peace and quiet whilst sipping on an oat milk latte, the ingredients arriving by horse and cart? Rank hypocracy. They know fine well their imported solution for saving the world is divisive and unfair. When not throwing vague offers of consolation crumbs for the soon to be screwed residents of the boundary roads she somehow manages to victim blame the residents of Elm Grove in an article in The Brightonian. It seems to imply the road is a mess because they didn’t want to lose parking spaces. Their own silly fault, clearly. A 12 year old design student could sort that out in ten minutes. The residents have solutions that work for EVERYONE but as we all know, if that solution doesn’t fit exactly with the council’s vision, it is ignored.

    • Chris Reply

      Maybe your neighbors will stop voting green ?

      • fed-up with brighton politics Reply

        Highly unlikely, Chris. Many people seem to continue voting Green (perhaps it makes them feel virtuous?) and just ignore the day-to-day realities and misery inflicted on the population, even if it’s been inflicted on them too.

  2. Jason Reply

    HOW is it even possible to flip a car in a residential street?

    I remember a time when prospective drivers had to prove their competence to drive by passing a test before being allowed out unsupervised.

    It seems those times are long gone.

    Either that or vehicles are much less stable than they once were.

    What is it? Bad driving or badly-designed vehicles?

    • mart Burt Reply

      With great skill I would guess, after all they manage to flip on other roads so why not on a residential street.

      Sadly nowadays no matter how much training a driver has, it seems to me once they’ve passed, safe driving no longer matters. There was a report somewhere where a lad had passed his test in the morning and that evening had been involved in a serious smash driving a friends ‘supercar’.

      Poor driving combined with stability, road camber and depends on what he hit, low front vehicle or mounted out turned wheel, the options are plenty.

  3. Junia Reply

    Incredible that the car crashed and flipped all by itself…

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