How a new Brighton store aims to undercut supermarkets and help shoppers save the planet

Posted On 12 Aug 2022 at 11:31 am

A new zero waste store in the heart of The Lanes is hoping to inspire shoppers to help save the planet – and money at the same time.

Hunglish in Brighton Square prides itself on its range of plastic-free everyday goods from local suppliers, including storecupboard staples from shampoo bars to spaghetti.

And because it buys in bulk, it can even work out cheaper than a supermarket shop.

Owner Viki said she wanted to offer customers the change to rebel against the supermarket’s fetish for plastic packaging.

She said: “This is the way forward.

“Some people come into the store and say this is the way it used to be. We think it’s time to go back as we were.

“We don’t need to have everything packaged in plastic.

“The shop offers all kinds of everyday products. Things we use anyway, but a more eco, sustainable version of it.

“Everything in the store is organic and comes from suppliers who are completely ethical. It was important for me to look at the whole supply chain.”

Located in Brighton Square, the shop is ideally located for people living and working in the city centre to pop in and stock up – and for those living further away, it also offers free delivery if you spend more than £10.

For anyone stumbling across it not having any containers to fill up, there’s a pile of reclaimed jars and bottles at the back of the shop you can grab.

Shoppers can buy as much as they need – which also cuts down on food waste.

Viki says she was partly inspired to open the shop when she worked for an accounting firm whose clients included a large fashion chain.

She said: “One of our clients was selling fast fashion, with thousands of garments going out every day. It was just awful knowing most of those clothes would be going to landfill within 12 months.

“I was trying to live like this anyway, I was doing my shopping locally. My home is totally chemical-free but I thought it wasn’t enough, it could be my job as well.

“I wanted to do something that is part of the solution.”

Hunglish sells a wide range of storecupboard essentials, toiletries, sweets, pet supplies, cleaning products, stationery and toys.

You can order deliveries online from its website www.hunglish.co.uk. You can also find out about special offers and new ranges by following it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok.

  1. James Reply

    Great idea BUT having all organic is a total waste of money.

    Organic is neither environmentally or ethically better in any way, in fact, with reduced yields it could be considered an unethical use of land.

    Paying extra for suppliers to pay the large fees that organic certification bodies charge is pure greenwashing – greenwashing the customer pays directly for.

    Use ethical suppliers but don’t insist on organic. An organic field can be dripping with blood, fish, bone (fertilisers) and covered in pesticides (pesticides are not banned in organic food!)

  2. Jason Reply

    Seems like a good thing, but have they really bought into the government’s “climate change” SCAM?

    Cheap and natural is all it takes. Leave (corrupt) politics to the likes of Saint Greta of the Thundercloud or whatever she’s called.

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