Brighton and Hove Conservatives elect new leader

Posted On 22 May 2023 at 2:09 pm

l-r Anne Meadows, Alistair McNair, Carol Theobald

The Conservative group on Brighton and Hove City Council has elected a new leader.

The group’s previous leader Steve Bell was one of four Conservative councillors who lost their seat to Labour in this month’s elections.

Today, the group announced Alistair McNair is its new leader, supported by deputy leaders Anne Meadows and Carol Theobald.

The decisions were made at the Annual Meeting of Brighton and Hove Conservative Group on Friday, 19 May.

The full Conservative group

Cllr McNair said: “It is an honour to be the new Brighton and Hove Conservative Group Leader and we have a big job ahead in holding the 38 seat, majority Labour administration to account.

“I am grateful to be supported by two highly experienced councillors as deputies, as we set about our task ahead on behalf of residents.

“I am conscious of the 30,301 votes for our Conservative team across the city and would like to thank voters for their support. We will be there for you as your voice of opposition in the city and will be speaking out when the council is not delivering for you.

“Our team would also like to pay tribute to Steve Bell, Dee Simson and Robert Nemeth who led the Conservative team through the past four years.

“They certainly succeeded in bringing city council issues to the forefront of the agenda and local debate, including weeds, rubbish, heritage, community safety and public toilets, putting pressure on all parties to address these issues that matter to residents in their manifestos.

“The new 38 seat, majority Labour administration has made many promises to voters in their written manifesto. They have promised to fix weeds, rubbish collection and public toilets to name a few.

“We will hold Labour to account for delivering what they promised to voters, to the letter.”

  1. Car Delenda Est Reply

    Good thing Nemeth, who had a history of saying things that were untrue despite being in possession of the facts, is gone.

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