Revealed: the creator of Brighton's Twitter serial killer

Posted On 28 Nov 2009 at 1:02 pm

We can all sleep safely in our beds tonight. The creator of a serial killer on Twitter has revealed herself – and she definitely doesn’t have any plans to boil our heads.

Claire Stokoe says she started the @dinner_guest account as a result of her obseession with web memes, not much sleep and “13 pints of horror movies”.

With it, she detailed the life of a “cannibalistic, slightly camp serial killer”, who takes his victims back to his lock up and then does indescribably gruesome things to them.

But after questions were asked as to whether this was in fact a real murderer, and she feared the police might come knocking at her door, she decided to out herself.

And as her day job is being a social media engineer, she is now going to use the experience to examine how the methods behind it could be used to develop a brand online.

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