Brighton and Hove council tax scam warning

Posted On 21 Jan 2011 at 4:55 am

Fraudsters have tried to con personal details out of at least two people in Brighton and Hove in the past week.

Both residents received telephone calls from someone claiming to be from Brighton and Hove City Council offering them council tax refunds and then asking for personal details.

The council said that it would not ask for information in this way and urged residents not to provide personal details.

Councillor Trevor Alford, the council’s cabinet member for central services, said: “We are grateful to residents letting us know about these calls.

“It’s important that you do not hand over personal information, particularly bank details, over the phone.

“Residents contacted in this way should also inform the police.”

Both residents were told that they had eight years of council tax refund due to them. One was asked for bank details.

Residents concerned that they may have been contacted in this way can call Brighton and Hove’s council tax department on 01273 291291 or email

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