Noisy students spur neighbours to set up Brighton and Hove campaign

Posted On 16 Feb 2011 at 6:59 pm

Noisy neighbours have prompted residents in Brighton and Hove to band together to tackle the problem.

They have formed a campaign group to learn whether other university towns have come up with successful schemes to deal with noise and anti-social behaviour when faced with large numbers of students.

The group came about after five undergraduates were fined at Brighton Magistrates’ Court last month for breaching noise abatement orders.

The Brighton University first-year students were so noisy that they drove their neighbour Joy Panteli, who is in her sixties, to sleep in her car.

Now she is one of the group who have set up Brighton Peace and who want to hear from other people in Brighton and Hove who would like to support their campaign.

Mrs Panteli, a mature student from Bevendean Crescent, Brighton, has lived in her home for more than 25 years.

She said: “As soon as the court case appeared in the media, people were contacting me to talk about their noise problems.

“Local people want to take this issue further.

“Many of them have had enough of trying to sort out noise issues every year because landlords or letting agents refuse to deal with their own tenants.

“Some of the stories people have told me are terrible.

“It has to stop now.

“We will be lobbying for change so action is taken more quickly and steps are taken to stop them in the first place.

“I couldn’t believe how many people are going through the same thing and how many people dread the annual September term because they never know what sort of students they are going to get next door.”

Mrs Panteli, a grandmother, said: “I am not a political activist or a campaigner, I am just an ordinary person, Brighton born and bred, and I want the right to live peacefully in my own home, in my home town and I’m sure many people share the same sentiment.

“If other people feel the same we want to hear from you.”

The group can be contacted by emailing

The five students were Jamie Keens, 19, Alex Allen, 19, Domenico Salzia, 18, Tanya Jones, 18, and Adam Tulley, 19.

They were fined £58 each and ordered to pay £742 each towards the legal costs of Brighton and Hove City Council, which brought the case, and a £15 victim surcharge.

The court was told that on Thursday 30 September, Mrs Panteli knocked on the students’ door to ask them to turn down loud music.

They told Mrs Panteli that she was invading their space by being on their doorstep and shut the door in her face.

They then continued to shout, scream and play music.

The problems continued for three months despite the students being warned repeatedly about facing prosecution.

Brighton Peace hopes to hear from others who want to support its campaign.

The group hopes to work with Sussex University, Brighton University, landlords, MPs, councillors and Sussex Police and the council to bring about changes.

The council already has a student housing strategy to tackle some of these issues and is looking at extending licensing of landlords in five council wards with high numbers of students.

  1. JEZ SAGARIS Reply

    For ten years we’ve had students from Brighton Uni as neighbours and, whenever they get studying done l really don’t know! We used to have to endure noisy parties all night with strangers they’d obviously picked up in bars or clubs – then noisy sex would follow – however l put a note in the door of the house requesting they keep the noise down [ l did this as they saw me approach their door and wouldn’t answer ] and guess what – they went runnning to Sussex police to say that l was harrassing THEM!

  2. C Houlson Reply

    The problem isn’t limited to students on Hove. There are middle-aged tenants in a flat in Wilbury Road who’ve recently been making loud noise in the garden outside their flat on a regular basis. If you’ve been troubled by this, make a complaint to the the property’s management company, who are Ellmann Henderson.

  3. Harry S Reply

    I moved to Sussex University campus right after new year. But regretting it already, The East Slope Bar (operates like a night club) on the campus 300 meters away from my room is so loud that makes it impossible to study or sleep. They have absolutely 0 sound isolation. This is a university campus to study, this is not a red light district entertainment place. When we complain they turn the loud music down a little an after a week it is worse.

  4. Sue baxter Reply

    I am a resident in Brighton and for 10years iv suffered noisy students banging doors loud music etc etc I care for my special needs grandson also, I’m in a terraced house,both sides are students I can’t take anymore, I feel so I’ll! I don’t know what to do? Any help please!! Sue.

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