Technology report describes Hove school as an ‘area of promise’

Posted On 19 Jun 2014 at 1:53 pm

A report published this week has described a Hove secondary school as an “area of promise”.

Hove Park School was one of a handful of schools singled out for praise in the report by the Education Foundation think-tank.

The school has introduced iPads for every pupil and uses them to improve learning, teaching and monitoring of pupils’ progress.

Head teacher Derek Trimmer said that he was proud that the school had earned a mention in the report, Technology in Education: A System View.

He said: “We are proud to be mentioned in this report as an ‘area of promise’.

“We are seeing tangible evidence at Hove Park that the intensive work of our teachers and students over the past 18 months is dramatically enhancing the range, depth and quality of the work our students produce in school.

“We are committed to exploring new approaches to teaching and learning in partnership with a growing network of national and international schools who are innovating in the use of technology in order to secure the high quality outcomes that our students need to thrive in the 21st Century.”

The report was written by James Penny, a director of the IT business European Electronique, and the co-founders of the Education Foundation, Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard.

They were helped by an expert group of academics, educators and industry leaders.

The group first met in response to a request by the Department for Education. The DfE wanted to identify emerging solutions to the barriers facing schools and other learning organisations in using technology to improve results.

Mr Fordham and Mr Goddard said: “We’re delighted that the work of Hove Park has been identified as a national ‘area of promise’.

“The introduction of one-to-one devices in the school is transforming learning for young people and is supporting teachers in the classroom.

“Hove Park School is acting as a national beacon of good practice in how to use technology to build a real community of learning.”

The report was published on Tuesday (17 June) and can be read here.


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