Thousands in temporary accommodation in Brighton and Hove, latest figures indicate

Posted On 27 Mar 2017 at 4:30 am

Thousands of people – many of them children – are in temporary accommodation in Brighton and Hove, according to newly published figures.

Some 1,655 households – many including children – were in temporary accommodation out of 21,570 households across England but outside London.

The figures – a snapshot taken on Saturday 31 December – indicated that the figure, including London, stood at 75,740 households in temporary accommodation.

Of those, 60,240 households – or almost four in five – included dependent children and/or a pregnant woman, within which there were 118,960 children or expected children.

The Spearhead

The average number of children in households in temporary accommodation with children was two.

The number of households per 1,000 in temporary accommodation stood at 12.92 in Brighton and Hove compared with 3.26 across England and 1.1 in England outside London.

The figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government also listed 27,960 applications for housing assistance in England in October, November and December last year.

Of those, 14,420 households were accepted as statutorily homeless – with 91 households in Brighton and Hove accepted as unintentionally homeless and in priority need.

The rate per 1,000 households – at 0.71 was 40 per cent higher than for the rest of the country outside London.

  1. jay smith Reply

    Don’t worry trickle down economics will solve this any day now.

    • Simon King Reply

      That’s the remark I heard from John Major when they have more tax cuts to the rich!

      And people still vote for these monsters???

      That’s what I can never understand!

  2. Harris Daniel Reply

    how many of these 1000s have been revenge evicted, the council admit none, but many people I speak to who say some of these private providers are revenge evicting people and forcing them to live in Eastbourne or Newhaven.

    Some of these people have Onbudsman Complaints in so watch this space.

    • clare hudson Reply

      Well said Dan

  3. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Until people north of Watford have a reason to stay in the areas they come from, rather than head for the south coast, London, home counties because of the skewed north/south economy…..we just have to watch in desperation as it gets worse.

    Good news from Manchester: property prices are rising quickly there….a sign I hope that Manchester’s economy is on the up and that the burden of jobs and housing along with great culture and amenity will one day soon be more evenly available around the entire country.

  4. Alley Alabaster Reply

    I’ve been in my temporary accommodation for 9 years and because I am adequately housed i am not in housing need so don’t qualify for permanent housing.

    • Harris Daniel Reply

      Please contact ETHRAG you can search for them on social media Alley. Its a residents association for those living in Temporary and Emergency accommodation. The more people join the fast you will move, we can also give you advice as we are all residents also and share our knowledge to benefit all, not the few.

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