Post box comes a cropper after mystery crash

Posted On 05 Mar 2020 at 12:00 pm

The pillar box on Brighton seafront. Picture by @WEIRDCHRISTMAS on Twitter

A pillar box on Brighton seafront was left looking a bit wonky after a mystery crash yesterday morning.

Sussex Police have no record of what happened to the post box, on the corner of Oriental Place and Kings Road, but a resident reported hearing a loud crash at about 7.40am.

There’s also no police record of two more crashes further along the seafront on Marine Parade.

One car ended up smashed into a rock on Drake Hotel’s driveway, and another into barriers by a pedestrian crossing refuse near the Royal Crescent Mansions.

General manager Richard Hayes said: “I believe it was linked, the person that crashed into our rock feature was forced off the road by the person that eventually crashed into the pedestrian crossing.”

Royal Mail has been approached for comment.

  1. Bill Reply

    Did it get hit by Coronavirus?

  2. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    When was it put there? I like to look at the reigns on the doors to them. There are still some sporting Queen Victoria. Tons of letters must have passed through the slot.

  3. ChrisC Reply

    You mean pedestrian crossing refuge not refuse

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