Hove burglary suspect jailed for theft, handling stolen goods and fraud

Posted On 05 Nov 2020 at 3:40 pm

A man who was charged with burgling a flat in Hove has been jailed for a total of 40 weeks by a judge at Hove Crown Court today (Thursday 5 November).

Ashley Gartell, 27, of Oakley Gardens, East Preston, denied burglary after a break in at a flat in Wilbury Avenue, Hove on Sunday 7 June.

But he admitted handling stolen goods and was jailed for 20 weeks for the offence.

Judge Anne Arnold ordered that the burglary charge lie on the file.

Gartell was also charged with two counts of fraud – using a stolen bank card on Sunday 7 June and Sunday 21 June.

He was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison on each count, with both sentences to be served concurrently.

And he was charged with two counts of theft from a vehicle – stealing a wallet from a car in Tongdean Road, Hove, and cash from another vehicle in Hill Brow, Hove, on Sunday 21 June.

He was jailed for four weeks for each count of theft – to be served consecutively.

He was given a four-week sentence to be served concurrently for a further count of fraud.

Gartell was also in breach of a suspended prison sentence.

The judge activated 12 weeks of the sentence to be served consecutively, making 40 weeks in total.

The court was told that Gartell had a history of offences involving dishonesty, including theft, breaking into people’s cars and vans and committing fraud with stolen bank cards.

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