Sometimes, a house in not a home – but it could and should be

Posted On 26 Jun 2022 at 9:38 pm

The last week or so has, unusually for me, been all about housing – or more precisely the shortage of homes across our city at any level of affordability, and what we might be able to do about that.

It isn’t unusual for the Labour group as a whole to be focusing on housing issues, of course – since we have an ever-increasing crisis in every part of the city that affects pretty much every type of property and all of our residents in one way or another, whichever income bracket they fall into.

But, with the exception of individual housing issues that come up at ward level, I am not very involved in the bigger picture, since I am not on the Housing Committee.

Residents often think we have more power to control private development in the city than we actually do, whereas in practice the rules are set at a national level, leaving councils with little say.

Spacewords Brighton

A couple of months ago though, the Labour group brought a “notice of motion” to full council, proposing to insert a “principal residence” clause into local planning policy.

The clause would say that, in new developments at least, permission will only be granted if the homes are to be sold or rented to people who are actually going to live in them as their main home, rather than using them as holiday homes or party lets or keeping empty as investment property.

The latest stage was for a report to come to one of the committees that I do sit on – the Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee – as it covers planning policy.

Labour amended the report to strengthen it – and I made some remarks about how insane both rental and purchase property prices have become.

The city does not have the wages to match and locals are being priced out in increasing numbers and this is decimating some communities.

I wasn’t surprised to be quoted in the local press, since councillors often are about all sorts of things.

But I was very shocked to start receiving multiple emails and calls from national radio stations and TV news programmes, asking me to appear, and to see that newspapers including The Times, Daily Mail and Express had picked up on it and quoted my remarks.

The “principal residence policy” is very much the brainchild of Labour’s housing lead, Gill Williams, and a big credit should also go to the community union Acorn.

So I passed on all the requests to her – and as there are a few still to come, look out for Gill on a TV screen near you soon!

Councillor Amanda Evans is the deputy leader of the Labour opposition on Brighton and Hove City Council.

  1. Daniel Harris Reply

    Good work all around!

  2. Jane L Reply

    Yes, we saw this Amanda all over the National Press. Councilors were telling tourists to go away and stuff the fact that tourism is the second largest employer in Brighton not just directly but also indirectly. You seemed to be loving the TV interviews but not thinking how many jobs it will cost the City when the tourism committee publicly starts saying anti-tourism things to the media. The policy itself was stupid virtue signaling as if you were going to do this you should have done it 5 years ago as now the new development space has already been built on and it is too late to give retrospective planning permission.
    As for a shortage of housing maybe it is about time there were fewer people on benefits living in the town centre. This accommodation would then free up space for people that work and bring down rent costs. If this doesn’t happen soon all these people on benefits will be forced to get jobs as there wont be enough taxpayers paying tax to allow them to do nothing. The city has turned into a complete toilet under the Greens and Labour which is now seeing families leave. So instead of working on improving the environment in the city you just moan about the tourists. Also worth reading the comments sections on the articles quoting you if you want ideas of what you should be doing on the tourism committee to improve the city. You will see tens of thousands of comments from people saying how the Labour and Green Party are destroying what was once a really nice city for people and families to live in. Millions of people since you have been in power are now seeing first hand what it’s like to have a momentum and green council from the dirty week covered streets, to smackheads on every street corner.

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