Popular Jamaican food truck torched overnight

Posted On 04 Jul 2022 at 5:57 pm

The fire-ravaged Bready Delights van

A popular Jamaican food truck was torched overnight on Sunday in Moulsecoomb.

The fire service were called to the Bready’s Delights van on The Avenue at 3.37am.

Circumstances surrounding the fire are still unclear, but police said it appeared to be arson.

Bready Delights owner Kevin Sappleton

Owner Kevin Sappleton posted online showing the blackened wreckage of the engine, and the broken glass windshield of the van.

He said: “Good people of Brighton. Someone who don’t like me, I don’t know what I’ve done wrong.

“I left my food truck here last night, and someone vandalised my food truck.”

A spokesperson from East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “Crews from Preston Circus attended and used one Breathing Apparatus and one Hose Reel to extinguish the fire.

“We left the scene at 4.29am and the incident was handed over to Sussex Police.”

This is the second van Bready Delights has lost to fire, after a van accidentally caught fire in 2018 when it parked regularly in Hove.

Sussex Police said the vehicle appeared to have been deliberately set alight, but no one was hurt.

Anyone with information or CCTV footage can contact police online, or via calling 101, quoting serial 241 of 03/07.

  1. sd Reply

    That’s awful – I hope that the idiots who did this feel guilty enough to turn themselves in. They can pay this poor man for the damage they did.

  2. Peter Reply

    Not an idiot but a scumbag

  3. Mick Reply

    Could it be an electrical fault? Being wired for cooking equipment does increase the risk of a short – just sayin’!

    • Greyskull Darkshadow Reply

      Just mick, taking the mick

  4. Keith Reply

    Americanisms here or should that be “AmericaniZms”?

    We don’t have trucks, we have lorries and vans. We don’t have windshields, we have windscreens.

    Burger-van, not Burger-truck

  5. Dmitri Bakerov Reply

    Call me old fashioned if you like but my suggestion would be to find another job mate! Clearly someone isn’t happy with you cooking burgers for a living! Two vans later I think I would cut my losses….. 🤔

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