Brighton drug dealer on e-scooter sentenced

Posted On 17 Jul 2022 at 12:28 am

A drug dealer using a mobile phone and e-scooter to sell cannabis in Kemp Town was arrested after being spotted in action by police.

Arda Kara, 25, of St James’s Street, Brighton, was stopped and searched by Sussex Police in October 2020.

Officers found seven bags of cannabis and a couple of mobile phones, Charlotte McNally, prosecuting, told Chichester Crown Court.

She said that police searched his home and found more bags of cannabis.

Kara pleaded guilty to having cannabis and cocaine with intent to supply.

Miss McNally said that he had one previous conviction for having cannabis.

Judge Jeremy Donne imposed an 18-month community order and sentenced Kara to 120 hours unpaid work.

He was also ordered to attend 20 rehabilitation sessions and pay £50 towards the prosecution costs.

The judge ordered the drugs to be forfeit and destroyed.

  1. Hove Guy Reply

    They should have also taken away his e-scooter and destroyed it.

    • Phoebe Barrera Reply

      He probably said he needed it for his work 😉

      • Hove Guy Reply

        And would probably need it to get to his “120 hours unpaid work”, whatever that is.

  2. Beryl from the co-op Reply

    Sentenced??? What sentence?? Those 120 hours unpaid work are the only legally sanctioned hours this person will ever do. Wow, great deterrent , well done law and order, that showed him.

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