Brighton man charged with breaching sexual risk order

Posted On 06 Oct 2022 at 9:18 pm

A Brighton man could be sent to prison after he admitted breaking a “sexual risk order” imposed by a court in July to protect vulnerable women.

Sussex Police said today (Thursday 6 October): “A Brighton man has been charged with breaching the conditions of a court order aimed at significantly reducing his access to vulnerable women.

“Abdul Zahedian, 63, of Alfriston Close, in Brighton, was given a sexual risk order in July which imposed a number of conditions aimed at protecting members of the public from sexual harm.

“One of the conditions forbade Zahedian from contacting or communicating with any female identified as vulnerable by a statutory agency, without the express approval of social services or a police officer.

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“On Thursday 22 September, police received a report of Zahedian speaking to and engaging with a vulnerable woman at a bus stop in Oriental Place, Brighton.

“He was arrested shortly after and charged with breaching his sexual risk order.

“At Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Thursday 29 September, Zahedian pleaded guilty and was released with strict additional conditions.

“He was ordered to appear at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 19 October for sentencing.

“The conditions of Zahedian’s two-year sexual risk order, which apply across the United Kingdom, prohibit him from

  • Contacting or communicating in any way with any female recognised as vulnerable by a statutory agency, unless inadvertent, not reasonably avoidable or with the express approval of social services or a police officer
  • Approaching or having any contact or communication with one specific named woman
  • Driving a vehicle unless he informs police of the make, model and registration
  • Inviting any vulnerable female into a vehicle he is driving or over which he has control
  • Communicating in a sexual manner with any vulnerable female not involved with him in a professional, vocational or educational capacity.”

After the order was imposed in July, Detective Chief Inspector Jon Gillings, from the Brighton and Hove Safeguarding Investigations Unit, said: “Sussex Police is committed to protecting vulnerable women and girls from exploitation and sexual risk orders are vital in reducing perpetrators’ ability to cause harm without securing a conviction.

“We will always act proactively and use all the tools at our disposal to keep our communities safe.

“In this instance, the court recognised that Zahedian poses a significant risk to vulnerable females and we are pleased to now have these protective measures in place.”

The two-year order will apply across the United Kingdom and any breach could lead to a prison sentence of up to five years.

Sussex Police said that the sexual risk order imposed on Mr Zahedian followed a long-running investigation into the exploitation of vulnerable women and girls in Brighton and Hove.

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