Woman threatened with hate crime arrest over gender-critical Brighton rally

Posted On 22 Nov 2022 at 5:17 pm

The founder of the Let Women Speak speaking tour has been threatened with arrest after being reported for hate crime at its Brighton rally.

Kellie Jay Keen, aka Posie Parker, spoke at the gender-critical Victoria Gardens event in September in support of women’s rights, including same-sex spaces.

The rally was attended by scores of people, both supporters and people demonstrating against what they see as her transphobic views.

Today, Kellie Jay Keen published a phonecall she received from a Sussex Police officer, inviting her to a voluntary interview.

The officer said she was investigating a report made a month ago of the “use of words or behaviour to stir up hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation”.

The officer said she was being invited to attend an interview in Brighton on a voluntary basis – but that if she refused, she could be arrested.

However, after the video was published, Sussex Police said it was reviewing the matter.

A spokeswoman said: “We are aware of a recording of a call between a police officer and individual in relation to an investigation in Brighton from September.

“The individual was asked to assist with our enquiries by attending a voluntary interview. We are reviewing the matter and will liaise with the parties involved directly.”

During the rally, protesters were filmed throwing smoke bombs and glitter and shouted abuse at speakers and people attending the rally.

Three people were arrested including Craig Thomas, 50, of no fixed address, who is due to stand trial for two counts of possessing a knife and one of assault.

The other two were released pending investigation, one for assault and the other for obstructing a police officer.

  1. Sd Reply

    Will the person who shouted in a baby’s face that day be arrested too?

  2. Jessica Reply

    Have the police really got nothing better to do. Not surprising the town centre looks like down town San Fran if they are wasting their time with things like this instead of sorting out the junkies harrassing tourists for money all over the place.

  3. Hendrik Reply

    She was speaking out publicly about the need for safety of women, had smoke bombs and glitter thrown at her, while the moronic thugs shouted abuse at her, and she is threatened with arrest for hate crime.
    So that is allright then.

  4. Ellie Reply

    There was a lot of hate but it all came from the trans rights activists and the police KNOW that!

  5. chris Reply

    @suellabraverman – they are doing it again !

    It has come to something when you have to “call out” such practices, especially in terms to the repression of free speech.

    Where is katy Bourne in all of this ? – think of the budget waste by rising to this bait.

  6. Hendrik Reply

    Years ago, those same idiots who protested against her would probably have been the first ones to attack anyone who claimed to be “trans” or gay. Such is the nature of the mob that Brighton collects, that they are prepared to protest at anything that is now fashionable – anything to stir up trouble.

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