Bus diversion route closed while engineers investigate water leak

Posted On 16 Mar 2023 at 11:01 am

Upper North Street road closed.

A road where hundreds of buses are being diverted during works to Western Road is closed this morning while engineers investigate a water leak.

The Upper North Street resident who took this picture says this is the third leak in four weeks, and believes it is being caused by the 700 or so buses now using the road.

This is the second water leak to affect the road this week, and there has also been a gas leak.

However the council insists it has nothing to do with the extra heavy vehicles now using the roads, but is because Southern Water’s city centre infrastructure is very old and is experiencing joint failures in many locations.

The resident has also posted pictures showing water pooling down Dean Street by McDonalds into Western Road last night.

The road was closed this morning, with buses now diverted via Seven Dials to get from Waitrose to Churchill Square.

Southern Water engineers are currently on the scene. A spokesman said: “We’re very sorry for the disruption emergency repairs to a leak in Upper North Street, Brighton, has caused residents and commuters.

“The leak damaged the surface and we closed the road while repairs were carried out. During this time, customers in Upper North Street, Marlborough Street and Dean Street had their supply temporarily disrupted.

“We would like to thank customers for their patience during this time.”

A council spokesman said: “A council spokesperson said: “Unfortunately, Southern Water have developed a major leak on Upper North Street and have had to go in today to excavate. This involves closing the road.

“The leak has nothing to do with the current use of the road as a diversion from Western Road.

“It has been necessary to close Western Road to eastbound buses and taxis while we carry out improvement works. This is a temporary measure until the work is complete.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused while this work takes place and thank those affected for bearing with us.

“We appreciate residents’ concerns about rerouted traffic passing by their properties during the closure of Western Road. But unfortunately there isn’t a viable, alternative option that would keep the city’s bus network moving.

“To prevent additional heavier traffic using Montpelier Terrace and Upper North Street, we have withdrawn the previous Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) and introduced a new one.

“This stops heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) from using the route, other than for access. Buses will still be permitted.

“We believe the number of HGVs using the street that would not already be permitted to do so for access, has been low. However, this change responds to concerns raised.

“The new measure came into effect on Tuesday (14 March).

“After the construction period on Western Road has finished, buses will return to Western Road and no longer be allowed to use Montpelier Terrace and Upper North Street.”

People living along the diversion route – Montpelier Road, Montpelier Terrace, Upper North Street and Regent Hill – have been petitioning the council to change the diversion route and have put up signs in their windows protesting at it.

They have also set up a group called the Western Road Redirection Action Group (WRRAG) to launch legal action against it.

The group’s first move was to challenge the temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) which allows heavy goods vehicles to use their roads for two years.

The grounds of the challenge was going to be that TTOs cannot be used to remove weight restrictions, and that there is no justification given for the 24-month duration of the order

The council has since issued another temporary TTO, instead exempting public service vehicles from the weight restriction.

The WRRAG says it intends to challenge this one too.

  1. Gemma Reply

    I find it very coincidental that within 8 weeks of the 700 buses per day along the road and removal of a weight limit there have been 3 water leaks and a gas leak. We’ve only had one issue in the last 7 years since I’ve been here and never a major leak from the mains. The road isn’t built for this weight, neither are the houses which are bungaroosh and have cellars- when will some common sense prevail?

  2. M Western Reply

    Suddenly another viable route! Up seven dials where buses are going for the redirection of the redirection….. how about putting a few along the seafront to share it out – ? Bus stop at Montpelier still a nightmare.

  3. MegA Reply

    The council has no information to ascribe or dismiss causality until a thorough investigation by qualified people is undertaken. Only an ignorant and arrogant organization would issue any statement to the effect “….. it has nothing to do with the extra heavy vehicles now using the roads, but is because Southern Water’s city centre infrastructure is very old and is experiencing joint failures in many locations.” Irresponsible, deluded, idiots. This is a public safety issue. The May elections can’t come soon enough.

  4. Stef Reply

    Council’s statement that it withdrew the previous TTRO to “respond to concerns raised” is a total joke.

    The previous TTRO was not legal. It is not legal to use a TTRO to remove a weight limit so they had to revoke it.

    The primary concern is also not with HGVs as there aren’t many. It has always been with buses due to the sheer volume and pressure they are putting on the road, as shown by all of the serious and unprecedented damage that has been done in a short time (since the diversion as it happens…_)

  5. Rob Heale Reply

    Many residential streets are adversely affected by this scheme. This includes Montpelier Road, Montpelier Terrace, Upper North Street and Regent Hill. There has been a failure of consultation and common sense from the Council and particularly the so-called “greens”. The “Green” party are actually causing more congestion, more bus delays, disrespect heritage and are potentially damaging utility infrastructure.

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