Tiny house given planning permission behind Brighton terrace

Owners of what was once a back garden can build a tiny house below street level.

Planning officer Stewart Glasser described the design as “lowering” the level of the land to build the two-bedroom home on the strip of land behind 1 Clarendon Terrace, in Kemp Town.

Mr Glasser told the Brighton and Hove City Council Planning Committee that the garden was “long since hived off” so any harm to the heritage had already happened.

A drawing of how the house will sit alongside the existing mansion block

Two previous planning applications for a two-storey building on the site were refused on appeal as they were “detrimental” to neighbours living in Clarendon Terrace.

In rejecting the previous proposals, the planning inspector described the idea as a “potentially effective use of a brownfield site”.

Neighbours sent eight letters of objection, saying that the building would cause overlooking and overshadowing.

However, Mr Glasser told the committee that the new-build would be below the wooden fence next to the neighbouring gardens and patios, so no one would see through.

At 63.3 square metres, the tiny house is larger than the minimum standard required for a three-person home.

Its front door will be in Chesham Place.

Councillors voted unanimously to approve the plans when the Planning Committee met at Hove Town Hall last Wednesday (7 November).

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