Brighton MP presses Prime Minister to call ‘people’s vote’ on Brexit deal

Posted On 27 Nov 2018 at 3:29 pm

Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas urged Theresa May to call a “people’s vote” on her Brexit deal as the Prime Minister in the House of Commons yesterday (Monday 26 November).

The Green MP was barracked as she started to ask a question about the Prime Minister’s proposed deal for leaving the European Union (EU).

Ms Lucas said: “The Prime Minister says that a majority of people want her to get on with Brexit but actually that is not true.

“It might be an inconvenient fact but the truth is that the majority want a people’s vote.

“So when she is giving her tour around the country …”

When the interruptions subsided, she said: “We have heard that the Prime Minister is planning to tour the country to sell her bungled deal to the public.

“Why does she not try listening to the public?

“Rather than having a stage-managed opportunity just to hear a whole load of waffle, why cannot people have a chance to have their say in a people’s vote?

“If she really trusted them, she would do this.”

Mrs May replied: “I answered the question on the people’s vote earlier.

“I do listen to the public and, when I go knocking on doors and listening to what people say, the overwhelming view is that we should get on with it and do what the vote said.”

  1. Joe Stains Reply

    We have already had a ‘people’s vote’ back in 2016, and the people voted to leave the EU, you daft woman.

    ‘Clueless’ Lucas is the gift that keeps-on giving…

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