BHASVIC celebrates record A-level pass rate

Posted On 15 Aug 2019 at 12:16 pm

Students at Brighton, Hove And Sussex VI Form College (BHASVIC) achieved a record 99.6 per cent pass rate this year.

The college said: “BHASVIC’s results have improved yet again, even against last year’s record-breaking outcomes.

“The 99.6 per cent pass rate for A-level exams is up 0.2 percentage points on last year.

“From a total of 3,600 A level exams, 90.2 per cent of grades achieved A* to C (up 0.4 points), with 71.3 per cent gaining the coveted A* to B (up 1.3 points) which yet again demonstrates that BHASVIC is able to consistently deliver quality outcomes to a large number of students.

“Our BTEC results are also of a high quality, with a 98.7 per cent pass rate and 66.2 per cent of outcomes at distinction or above.

“This round of A levels saw all subjects adopt the new high stakes exams taken after two years of study, with BTECs also seeing the introduction of externally assessed exam components.

“With qualifications getting harder, this makes the achievements of BHASVIC students all the greater.”

BHASVIC principal William Baldwin said: “As a college community we are absolutely delighted.

“We are consistently within the top 1 per cent of state schools and colleges when it comes to A-level results.

“Students have worked incredibly hard to achieve these outcomes and staff have worked tirelessly to prepare students for this round of exams.

“We have such a talented group of staff who are specialists at working with this age group, who nurture and support our students to unlock their potential.

“To sustain our A* to B grades at over 70 per cent is an unprecedented achievement for a non-selective state provider.

“I’d like to congratulate our students and pay tribute to the schools who laid the foundations for this success.

“I’d also like to thank parents and carers for the support they provide – they are such an important factor in the success of our community.

“Regardless of the grades achieved, if a student can say ‘I’ve done my best’ then they should be rightly proud.

“For some students, turning up to an exam is a big achievement in itself and it is important to remember this.

“What always interests me as a principal is the individual stories behind these results.

“I love hearing what a great time students have had here, how we have helped support them and what they plan to do after BHASVIC.

“If we have helped students to get to where they want to go next – whether that is the 50 or so with Oxford or Cambridge offers, whether it has been to help develop the confidence to take a gap year or whether we’ve helped students decide they want to access the workplace directly after BHASVIC – then we have been the stepping stone that a sixth form college should be.

“I think we are firmly known as a centre of excellence with outstanding outcomes but also as a place where our students receive first class guidance and support so that they Become Happy Active Successful Valued Independent members of the Community.”

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