Firefighters called to smoking cup

Posted On 29 Apr 2022 at 4:39 pm

By John Keenan


Firefighters were called to a blaze in London Road yesterday afternoon which turned out to be smoke coming from a tiny cup.

A fire engine from Preston Circus was dispatched at about 1pm to reports of a fire in the open outside Aldi.

But when they got to the scene, all they found was the smoking vessel.

By John Keenan

A spokeswoman for East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “We were called at 12.59 to reports of a fire in the open in London Road, Brighton.

“A false alarm was recorded.”

  1. McVicar Reply

    Homeless melt tobias denyer wastes fire service valuable time more like!

  2. sd Reply

    I walked by this chap the other day and he shouted that he isn’t being racist! I wonder if he is lonely, perhaps this smoking cup was a way to get some attention. It is awful to see anyone sitting on the pavement begging for money, it must feel worse to be in that position, whatever the reason is.

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