Brighton and Hove fire crews may go on strike

Posted On 29 Aug 2013 at 7:56 pm

Fire crews in Brighton and Hove may go on strike.

The Fire Brigades Union balloted members about industrial action in a national dispute over pensions.

Although no strike dates have been announced, East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said that it was ready for possible strikes.

In a statement it said: “East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service is fully committed to keeping communities safe and responding to emergencies if there is industrial action by firefighters.

“Members of the Fire Brigades Union have voted in favour of strike action in a national dispute over pensions. No dates have been announced.

“ESFRS has carefully assessed its resources, including the availability of operational personnel who are not members of the Fire Brigades Union.”

Chief fire officer and chief executive Des Prichard said: “This is a national dispute over pensions which we do not have the power to resolve at a local level.

“We do not know if or when any industrial action will take place. However, we have been preparing for the possibility of this for many months.

“We have put in place a number of measures to help keep those living, visiting or working in East Sussex and Brighton and Hove safe.”

The fire service said: “If there is industrial action, the most important thing to remember is that if you do have a fire, get out of the building, stay out and call 999.

“We will continue to respond to emergency calls and will obviously prioritise those where lives are at risk.

“We would also ask for the assistance of the public at this time. Whether it is in your home or your workplace, there are ways to reduce the risks of fire.

“Safety advice can be found on our website and we will provide additional information in the coming days.”

  1. adrian close Reply

    the leaders over at the fbu are not leading their members out because of pay and pensions. the union has no interest in the financial well being of any member. they are doing this only to further their own political ambitions and/or to gain media attention to themselves.

    how can i say this? simple. there has been a solution on the table, well known to the leadership of several unions, including unison, unite, the pcs and the fbu, which would guarantee each and every single one of their members and every one of their employers a much better deal.

    employers save money, yet the employee will pay in less, get paid more, retire many years earlier and receive a great deal more on their retirement (and following it), than their employer currently can offer.

    its a win win scenario available to everyone in the private sector right now, so why don’t the unions fight for it? if i were a union leader, i would want to be remembered for the good i did for my members, preferably without strikes, and certainly not for leading strike action after totally ignoring any and all other options.. even right up until the very last minute.

    i would certainly not be hiding away providing my union’s head office without any means of contacting me should they receive a well meaning call trying to put forward or remind me of a possible alternative, like the situation that is happening right now at the fbu.

    the conclusion is not hard to make. i.e that union members are being used and abused by their own union to further the aspirations of yet more individuals who have no interest in anyone except themselves.. the power they hold over others, and of course a keen interest in anyone who are willing to boost their ego’s through mentions in the press or on the tv.

    i had a grandfather who was awarded his O.B.E for services to fire and rescue after rising to the top (from the bottom-most rung) in the uk fire brigade and taking early retirement even by the standards of chief fire officers. it was he and i together who introduced the iconic simon snorkel fire appliance, it was he who computerised all the fire control centres, it was he who originally optimised the entire network of station locations – a finely balanced network, which satisfied the requirements of saving money whilst preserving the integrity of the service. work i might add, which was never meant to be revisited unless at a time when more money would be available to reopen some of those locations. he would be appalled that good, hard working people are being treated in this way not only by their employers, but by their own union which is supposed to support and protect them, not abuse their trust and put their livelihoods at risk.

    kind regards
    adrian d close
    grandson of Dougie Close O.B.E

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