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As West Hove prepares to vote on a residents parking scheme, do you think they are good or bad for Brighton and Hove?
Are residents parking schemes a good thing for Brighton and Hove?


Curiosity wedges the cat

A Hove tabby had to be rescued in a three-hour operation after becoming stuck firmly wedged between two walls so

Brighton tennis club praises homeless man’s service

A homeless man who’s been sleeping in a tent in Queen’s Park has spread love to his new neighbours by

Brighton’s Disco Bunny stars in new Kasabian video

A dancer who reached global audiences when he starred in a video of him twisting and shouting with a pink-coated

Brighton yarnbomber creates crochet hat dispenser to keep neighbourhood’s heads warm

A Brighton yarnbomber who has previously turned her street into a woolly wonderland has now installed a crochet hat

Clueless Nick Cave tweet goes viral

Spotting Brighton’s most well-loved Australian rock star as he makes his way around town has become something

Brighton woman mistakenly tweeted by Trump urges him to learn more about climate change

A Brighton woman has been inundated with tweets for the last few hours after US President elect Donald Trump

Brighton graffiti artist reclaims wall from Starbucks

A well-known graffiti artist has reclaimed a wall used to paint a Starbucks advert after the coffee chain’s

Lewes jokers try to convince Brighton students Bonfire has been postponed because of rail strikes

Lewesians are attempting to convince Brighton students that the town’s famous Bonfire celebrations have been
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