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As hundreds of people sign a petition calling for an end to private litter cops, do you think home businesses should be fined for recycling small amounts of cardboard in domestic bins?
Is the council right to find home businesses for using recycling bins?


Thousands touched by Brighton lifeguard’s good deed escorting elderly woman down the pebbles to paddle

A Brighton lifeguard has become Facebook famous after a snap of him helping an elderly woman down the pebbles to

Fake ‘designated cannabis zone’ pictures put up around Brighton

Signs claiming that parts of Brighton have been declared “designated cannabis zones” have been put up

Flaming Sambucas banned at swanky new Brighton bistro

An upmarket new Brighton bistro has banned the sale of flaming Sambucas, blaming health and safety. The Ivy in The

Brighton company’s sweary privacy policy goes viral – and bucks trend by increasing newsletter sign-ups

A Brighton company has managed to spin the utter dullness of GDPR updates into pure gold with a privacy policy so

Seagull police and Big Fat Man visit Brighton beach

Two films featuring a litter policegull and a Big Fat Man’s trip to the seaside shine a light on how Brighton

Brighton homeless bus to visit Royal Wedding

A bus converted into a homeless shelter will be driving from Brighton to Windsor this weekend to help rough

Brighton company sued by mobile giant for using a similar shade of pink

A Brighton tech company is being sued by T Mobile because its logo uses a similar shade of magenta. Software firm

MPs blow their own hoover at Brighton Festival

The city’s three MPs became honorary members of the Brighton Youth Orchestra last night when they took on the
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